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Photographs by Adriano Bacchella
Texts by Franco Faggiani
edited by Adriano Bacchella

Text in English and Italian
160 pages., 140 colour ill., hardbound with jacket, 255 x 330 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-74-4

€ 45,00

Year of edition 2020

A journey through the images of some of the most fascinating residences designed by Paola Nicolucci. After, in some cases, seeking and discovering them, the Turinese interior designer transformed these houses into haute-couture tailored dresses, modelling them onto the needs of the homeowners and, at the same time, making their dreams come true. Functionality that meets aesthetics, perfect chromatic blends, the skilful combination of antique pieces and elements of the most innovative design, a careful selection of unique fabrics, the recovery – even cultural – of furnishing accessories dug up in some art shop off the beaten path.

All this – and much more – for one single principle: harmony. In describing her works, Paola Nicolucci often speaks about the environments as "our living room", "our terraces", "our kitchen", as if the houses were also a little bit hers. And, deep down, they are, so much was her passion for designing them.

Adriano Bacchella, the author of forty or so photographic books for publishers and private bodies, his life-style reportages have also been published in both Italian and international magazines, among which: Case & Country, Io Donna, Elle, AD, Gioia, Elle Decor Japan, Ville & Casali, Elle Decor Germany, Der Smaak Italie. By the same author, for the publisher AdArte: Case di Torino (2009), Masserie (2009), Divino Abitare (2009), Case di Montagna (2009), Camera con vigna (2010), Case di Torino Due (2010), Case di Genova (2010), Case di Portofino (2011), Camera con vigna Due (2012), Case di Roma (2012), Mediterraneo Interiore (2014), Great Escapes Piedmont (2017).

Franco Faggiani, a journalist, storyteller, traveller, after working for a long timefor newspapers and magazines – in the fields of economics, sport, tourism and agriculture – he began writing about food, wine and the environment a dozen years ago. Since 2013, he has been working full-time as a writer and, starting from 2018, he has published with Fazi Editore La manutenzione dei sensi, Il guardiano della collina dei ciliegi, Non esistono posti lontani, novels that have won literary prizes and have also been published abroad.


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