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Photographs by Andrea Livio Volpato
edited by Valerio Villoresi

Texts in English and Italian, 192 pages, 205 colour ill.,
hardbound with jacket
235 x 330 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-54-6

€ 59,00

Year of edition 2014

Now comes Lombardy’s turn, in conjunction with Expo 2015,
in the Case series on interiors with Lombard Villas and Stately Homes

This series of collector’s books now features a new volume for lovers of beauty and those with a passion for Italy. Lombardy was the next region to be explored after Case di Torino, Case di Genova, Case di Milano, Case di Portofino/Living in Portofino, Case del Gavi and Case di Roma/Living in Rome.

Lombardy is a region packed with history, traditions and art, and generous with its scenery and colours. This book unveils an area wedged between Milan, Brianza and the Lakes that conserves stunning stately homes that blend seamlessly with their outstanding natural surroundings and have weathered the passing centuries almost unchanged. Still occupied and cherished by tenants and owners alike, they have been opened to visitors over the years for guided tours or as hospitality venues.

Mediaeval castles and 16th-century mansions echoing the Sforza and Visconti families; lakeside villas in romantic parks; period furnishings and original frescoes; huge libraries and family archives as too collections of contemporary art and unexpected museums; antique family portraits and poetic inscriptions on walls – all narrate the history of this region and indeed all Italy, the unique architectural, historic and artistic heritage of which must be safeguarded and showcased for the future but also seen, experienced and enjoyed today.

Our correspondents visited 16 homes, some previously unknown, and now present their private dimension.

Valerio Villoresi is an Economics and Law graduate who works as a certified accountant. He is President of the Ville, Dimore e Corti Lombarde association, a board member of the Fondazione Villa Rescalli Villoresi, a founding member of the Fondazione Dario Mellone and conservator of the museum named after the artist. A lover of Italian art and literature, he has published many books including Un Giorno nel Tempo. Villa Rescalli Villoresi e Fondazione Mellone, Congedo Editore (2013) and Mi dici parole d’amore, an anthology of poems by Emilia Villoresi, La Vita Felice Editore (2014).

Andrea Livio Volpato comes from Milan and graduated in architecture. He works as a designer, model-maker, teacher and photographer. Over the years, photography has gradually developed from a hobby to a constant presence in his life. He has entered his work for numerous exhibitions and competitions, always with great enthusiasm and encouraging results: wins, mentions, reviews and publications. His leisure time is devoted to travel, DIY, reading and films. He loves listening to good music and has one overriding passion: cats.


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