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The ultimate guide. Visual design for an invisible city

edited by Enzo Biffi Gentili

Text in English and Italian, 320 pages, 400 colour photos, paperback, 125 x 190 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-11-9

€ 12,00

Year of edition 2008

An unusual and alternative description of Turin
through the choices of ten young graphics studios

The image of Turin is often experienced, through clichés and stereotypes, as that of a post-industrial city. The Torino Tour/Turin Tour guide, left to the prejudice-free eye of ten young creative studios, gives Turin an image that is finally different and presents the more innovative, vivacious, characteristic and pleasing worlds that contribute towards making it a new, fascinating tourist destination at European level.

The bilingual guide, in Italian and English subdivides the city into ten urban, central and suburban areas and leads to the places of the new image and good life of Turin: 179 appointments of absolute prestige among commercial businesses (shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels and meeting places), urban spaces and new architecture.

Selected according to criteria that favour, now designer interior design, now freshness of spontaneous furnishings, now a masterly contamination between different arts, the guide's suggestions lead visitors to a cultured immersion in the mood of the less known city, but that well represents the constant evolving dynamics of a city that is changing profoundly.

Art Director Enzo Biffi Gentili

Project and editorial coordination Stefania Vola

Visual introductions abLabo, Mauro Bubbico, Design Center, Maria De Maio, Diversi Asssociati, Fecoonder LCD Intermedia Agency, Meat Collettivo Grafico Supervisione, Marco Temperilli

515 creative shop, bellissimo, brh+, blend, boletsfernando, civico 13, cliostraat, nucleo, teknemedia, undesign.


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