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Flowers, the Great War and Alpini Soldiers

Text by Angelo Mistrangelo, Carla Bertone e Gianni Oliva

Texts in English, French and Italian, 288 pages, 125 colour ill. 32 ill. b/w, paperback
210 x 280 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-69-0

€ 40,00

Year of edition 2018

A book-catalogue in three languages on the artist, writer, doctor and Alpino soldier Angelo Malinverni is published in conjunction with an eponymous retrospective at the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria in Turin and in the centenary of the end of the Great War.

It features 100+ works in which Malinverni – who lived at the turn of the 20th century – records the emotions aroused by the changing months, light and colours of a nature rediscovered, revisited and reinterpreted. In each work, the artist translates a reallife vision into a portrayal filled with delicate and internalised cadences. Every colour, every line and every impression is testimony to a lifelong quest. The critical texts are flanked by a poignant memory written by his daughter Maria Rosa, frequently portrayed by her father. There are also long excerpts from the book O luna, O luna, tu me lo dicevi... written by Malinverni and one of the most honest, original and moving literary accounts of the Alpino war, also republished in its entirety by AdArte.

Angelo Malinverni (Turin, 14 February 1877–1 June 1947), a doctor, a painter and a writer, enrolled as a volunteer in 1915 but rejected his posting to a field hospital in favour of practising his profession in the trenches alongside the soldiers of Ivrea Battalion of the 4th Alpini Regiment. Seriously wounded, he was awarded a Silver Medal of Military Valour. After returning to civilian life, he left the medical profession because of an infirmity incurred in the war and devoted all his time to painting. He flanked his painting career with that of a writer.


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