Following the successful Masserie, Divino abitare and Camera con vigna
a new book dedicated to charming hospitality in Italy

text by Franco Faggiani
Photographs and editing by Adriano Bacchella
preface by Oscar Farinetti

Text in Italian and English, 224 pp., 300 illus. 4c and b&w, hardback with book jacket

ISBN 978-88-89082-56-0

Sold out

Publication date: December 2014

Magic places in Italy's heartland and the residences distinguishing them are the protagonists of this new book with impressive photos accompanied by text by Franco Faggiani.

Bacchella, author of about forty photo books and contributor to international magazines, is now also the editor of Mediterraneo interiore, the most recent in a series of books about charming hospitality in Italy. The series started with Masserie, representing ancient farm houses in the Apulian countryside brought back to life, followed by Divino Abitare, charming residences between Langhe, Monferrato and Roero in Piedmont, and by two books entitled Camera con Vigna, a photographic discovery of Italian wineries offering not only excellent wines but also hospitality among rows of vineyards, and gardens.

Represented in this book are twentyfive charming facilities scattered around the Italian countryside, places where colours, light, fragrances, gardens, and architectural styles all reflect Mediterranean culture and ambience.

Mediterraneo interiore is a trip through Italy, from the North to the South, a trip not only through a country but also through cultures, history and art, an invitation to ”live days of slow living”, in a medieval castle in the lower Monferrato in Piedmont, in a 17th century Apulian “masseria” or a 18th century typical Sicilian “baglio”, a discovery not only of beautiful and hospitable dwellings but also of the people living there and offering their hospitality, of the nature surrounding and protecting them, and the history which comes with them. The book with Italian and English text addresses readers and travellers of every country, those who want to get to know Italy intimately, its most hidden beauties and seductive dwellings, all lovingly restored by passionate owners, patrons of the arts and the art of good living.

Adriano Bacchella, author of about forty photo books, regularely publishes his lifestyle reports in well known interior style and travelling magazines (among others Case & Country, Io Donna, Elle, AD, Gioia, Elle Decor Japan, Ville & Casali, Elle Decor Germany, Der Smaak Italie). For publishing house AdArte he also prepared, Case di Torino (2007), Masserie. Ospitalità di charme in Puglia (esaurito, 2009), Divino Abitare. Ospitalità di charme in Monferrato, Langhe e Roero (2009), Case di Montagna. Vivere nella Vialattea e dintorni (out of print, 2009), Camera con vigna (2010), Case di Torino Due (2010), Case di Genova (2010), Case di Portofino (2011), Camera con vigna Due (2012), Case di Roma (2012).

Franco Faggiani, journalist, has written reports, articles and studies for dozens of publications, he used to edit trade magazines and is the author of essays, novellas, biographies, guides, novels. In recent years he has written mostly about anything concerning the countryside: its economy, enogastronomy, sports, trails and professions.